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Swann-Morton Sheffield

The Swann-Morton range of craft knives are manufactured with same precision cutting performance and consistent quality as their world famous range of surgical blades and handles. The comprehensive range of handles and blades are used by both the amateur and the professional craftsman to perform delicate and precise cutting tasks on a wide range of materials.

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Some of Kirk's in progress work

Customer Showcase: Kirk Fanelly

Having just one mediocre option for anything in life is depressing, so I was psyched to find Swann-Morton blades as an alternative to the X-Acto blades I had been using for inlaid paper cuts. It turned out that not only were they a viable alternative, but the superior choice.

Here's why: from the start, the method of attaching the blade to the tool is more efficient and stable. It takes a little getting used to using pliers to attach and remove the blade (never use your fingers), but it's a far better system than twisting a threaded tool tip (which inevitably fails over time). Once you get the hang of it, it's literally a snap!

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