J.K.Industrial Sp.z.o.o.


JK Surgical Sp. z oo has been on the Polish medical market for 20 years and is the exclsuive partner of the British company Swann-Morton in Poland.JK Surgical deliver top-quality blades, scalpels and surgical handles, which enjoy an excellent reputation among their customers.The main objective of the company is fast and efficient service to all customers across the country. The number of our clients is increasing constantly from year to year.

In 2013,JK Surgical's range was expanded with an assortment of quality industrial blades and handles manufactured by Jewel Blade LT and JK Industrial was born to handle this part of the business.

Through the years, the company has built a reputation of a reliable manufacturer of the highest quality industrial blades for various applications. Made in Sheffield,the blades are used in numerous industrial disciplines for example automotive, flooring , food and packaging. Jewel Blade products have gained recognition among the customers due to their superior quality and durability.

In 2003, Jewel Blade Ltd. has become part of the group WR Swann & Co., Ltd., which also owns the company Swann-Morton. This fact further emphasizes the high value of the brand Jewel Blade.

The products of both manufacturers are marked with the slogan "Made in Sheffield", which is synonymous with quality and reliability.