Common Usage

Whether you are using a traditional 10a blade for high precision cutting, an ACM 11 on fine wood veneers, an ACM 16 for stencilling or an ACM 18 for smooth chiselling the Swann-Morton ranges include a blade and handle combination for every occasion. For the hobby enthusiast, graphic designer, artist, modeller and those working with wood including marquetry and parquetry or even some of the world’s leading micro carvers such as Willard Wigan, Swann-Morton has become the tool of choice.

Below is a list of common product uses. If you would like to contribute to this list, please contact us.

Product Name Common uses
ACM No. 1 Handle

ACM No.10 Blade - For general cutting of vinyl, plastics, rubber, foam and light carving of soft woods.
ACM No.11 Blade - Sharp point for use with light weight materials, trimming and high precision cutting.Can be used in Sugarcraft for cutting delicate patterns and precise lines.
ACM No.16 Blade - Stenciling, scoring and etching blades. Detailed multi directional cuts.
ACM No.17 Blade - Chiselling blade for light weight materials such as soft wood, lino and plastics.

ACM No. 2 Handle

ACM No.2 Blade - High precision cutting of medium and heavy duty materials such as cardboard, rubber, leather and vinyl.

ACM No.18 Blade - Heavy duty chiselling blades for deep cross cutting and use on hard woods, wax and lino.

ACM No.22 Blade - Curved carving blade provides greater control for shaping, carving and trimming of hard wood and plastics.

ACM No.24 Blade - Corner cuts, deburring, stripping and gasket cutting.

ACM No.28 Blade - Heavy duty hooked blade ideal for whittling and carving of soft wood, leather and plastics.

ACM No. 5 Handle

Heavy duty red handle for use with ACM blade shapes 2, 18, 22, 24 and 28.
Refer to ACM No.2 Handle for suggested usages of each blade shape.

No.3 Handle sets

No.10a blades - Graphic design, precise trimming of light weight materials such as polystyrene, resins and balsa wood, model build projects and jewellery industry.
No.11 Blades - Precise trimming of light weight materials such as polystyrene, resins and balsa wood, model build projects and rubber mold castings for the jewellery industry.
No.12 Blades - carving of light weight material such as balsa wood and within the jewellery industry.
No.15 Blades - Used within the electronics industry for trimming printed circuit boards, removing excess solder and cutting plastic wires.

Manny Monroy - User

I been using these type of handles and blades for a long time. They feel good and have many blade options. Used to use Xacto knives.

Plastic Craft Tool

The Craft Tool Knife is an ideal tool for Marquetry, modelling, craft, studio work and horticulture.

Qlicksmart BladeFLASK

This world-first single-handed scalpel blade remover prevents the dangerous injuries commonly caused by removing blades with fingers, forceps or re-sheathing. BladeFLASK ensures optimal safety based on speed and convenience for the end-user, ergonomic simplicity and passive, automatic and single-handed safety principles.

Retractaway Premium

Chas Baldwin - User

I use a retractaway in my job as a Medical Equipment Service Engineer where I need on some occasions a fine sharp blade. The beauty of the knife is when the blade is retracted it is safe to store in my tool box.

Stainless Steel Craft Tool

Craft Tool Knives for Marquetry, modelling, craft, studio work and horticulture.


Maurice Cornelius - User

I use mount board as a basis for my fabric covered boxes, that are available from 4" square up to a maximum size of 9" X 7". The card is recycled and readily available from the local picture framer.

I use the Swann Morton Supatool, and have placed an order for a packet of 50 spare blades.


Disposable guarded Trimaway Knives are for trimming light weight materials as well as being used generally on artwork, craft and model making projects.

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