Purposely designed as an economic throwaway knife, the Trimaway has a strong nylon-based handle fitted with a fixed surgical quality heavy-duty No.25A blade and comes complete with a guard to protect from accidental sharps injuries when not in use at the work station.

The Trimaway has a flat handle resembling a surgical scalpel and is particularly suitable for artwork, crafts and model making and the precision cutting of light to medium weight materials such as paper, card and thin veneers of wood. It is an ideal knife for tasks where precision is needed rather than strength so for example scrapbooking and marquetry.

  • Plastic handle fitted with 25A blade and plastic guard in display boxes of 50.
    Qty: 50 knives
  • Trimaway Knife Set - 3 plastic handles each fitted with No. 25A blade & guard, sealed in a clam pack.
    Qty: 10 packs per outer.

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