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Lene Bladbjerg - Blade Patterns

Lene Bladbjerg is a danish artist based in London. She was born in Denmark in 1974 but grew up in Brussels, Belgium. The multinational environment prompted Lene's passion for exploring new countries and cultures, which has influenced her work as an artist.



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Jacqui Saunders-Love paper sculptures

In a recent interview with the BBC, paper sculptor Jacqui Saunders-Love revealed how her fantastical reinterpretations of existing architecture are both an expression of her fine art skills, and also a source of respite from the everyday duties of being a carer. Swann-Morton 10a blades and their sturdy handle are crucial to her work in allowing Jacqui to effectively draw with the scalpel creating fluid, clean lines, and sharp detail.

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Poppy Chancellor Paper-cutting

The 29-year-old daughter of actress Anna Chancellor, and performance poet Jock Scot had an unconventional upbringing in west London but now channels her creativity into her work as a papercut artist, hand-cutting intricate designs from a single sheet of paper.

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Kirk Fanelly - Inlaid Paper Cutting

Paper Artist Kirk Fanelly was psyched to find Swann-Morton blades as an alternative to the X-Acto blades he had been using for inlaid paper cuts. It turned out that not only were they a viable alternative, but the superior choice.

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Christine Green - Paper Cut Artist and Teacher

Christine Green is Paper Cut artist who is passionate about teaching this increasingly popular art form to others and loves her Swann-Morton scalpel which is an essential part of her kit. Christine has worked with BBC Country File, BBC4 and appeared at Blenheim Palace. She also runs her own website at

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Frances Payne - Artist and Illustrator

Frances Payne is a professional artist and illustrator who has been working with paper cutting as a central medium to her work for in excess of 5 years, after her passion for working with a scalpel supplanted a lifelong love of the paintbrush.

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Human Torso of Swann-Morton Blades

Swann-Morton have collaborated with Australian artist Linton Meagher on his latest art project. Linton, a doctor at the Royal North Shore Hospital in Sydney has depicted the human torso using overlapping scalpel blades cast in resin.

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Willard Wigan MBE - Microscopic Sculptures

Willard presented Swann-Morton with a new "micro" swan for us to display back in 2004 . Willard said " is great being associated with Swann-Morton, the best surgical blade manufacturer in the world" and who are we to argue with the world record holder for microscopic sculptures!

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