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Poppy Chancellor Paper-cutting

In a recent interview with the Sunday Telegraph, Paper cut artist and children's illustrator Poppy Chancellor admitted to being "an unruly child who only settled down when she was drawing."

The 29-year-old daughter of actress Anna Chancellor, and performance poet Jock Scot had an unconventional upbringing in west London but now channels her creativity into her work as a papercut artist, hand-cutting intricate designs from a single sheet of paper.

Her work has a contemporary feminist edge and a comic-book feel and she now works out of her studio in southeast London.

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Kirk Fanelly - Inlaid Paper Cutting

Having just one mediocre option for anything in life is depressing, so I was psyched to find Swann-Morton blades as an alternative to the X-Acto blades I had been using for inlaid paper cuts. It turned out that not only were they a viable alternative, but the superior choice.

Here's why: from the start, the method of attaching the blade to the tool is more efficient and stable. It takes a little getting used to using pliers to attach and remove the blade (never use your fingers), but it's a far better system than twisting a threaded tool tip (which inevitably fails over time). Once you get the hang of it, it's literally a snap!

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Christine Green - Paper Cut Artist and Teacher

Christine Green is Paper Cut artist who is passionate about teaching this increasingly popular art form to others and loves her Swann-Morton scalpel which is an essential part of her kit.

"I have been wielding Swann Morton handles and blades for many many years - as the daughter of two graphic designers we had these things around the house and I had the sharpest, pointiest pencils in class!!"

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Frances Payne - Artist and Illustrator

Frances Payne is a professional artist and illustrator who has been working with paper cutting as a central medium to her work for in excess of 5 years, after her passion for working with a scalpel supplanted a lifelong love of the paintbrush. Working exclusively with Swann Morton blades, Frances is reaching the conclusion of a Masters in Creative Practice and as such is staging a solo exhibition of intriguing and unique cut paper works at the Harrogate Theatre from 4th to 6th August 2016.

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Human Torso of Swann-Morton Blades

Swann-Morton have collaborated with Australian artist Linton Meagher on his latest art project. Linton, a doctor at the Royal North Shore Hospital in Sydney has depicted the human torso using overlapping scalpel blades cast in resin.

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Willard Wigan MBE - Microscopic Sculptures

Willard presented Swann-Morton with a new "micro" swan for us to display back in 2004 . Willard said " is great being associated with Swann-Morton, the best surgical blade manufacturer in the world" and who are we to argue with the world record holder for microscopic sculptures!

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