Video Reviews

Welcome to our Video Review Section which we hope you will find informative. This section includes a number of independent reviews on our craft products which may assist you in deciding which the "best tool for the job at hand". We would welcome your comments and new video reviews of your own which can be added to this section in order to help expand the knowledge of our visitors.

  • ACM Review - Tactical Jackalope

    I wanted to review something a bit different so I thought I would take a "stab" at reviewing this new hobby knife set from Swann-Morton. This set can be purchased in the U.S. from Thanks for watching!

  • Chiselling wood with a Swann-Morton ACM No.5 handle with an ACM No.18 blade

    Short demonstration film created by Peter Chiang of Hobby Bounties on how to use the combination of a Swann-Morton ACM No.5 handle with an ACM No.18 blade for chiselling wood.

  • Premium Retractaway - FERDIE

    Detail Scale View project with small Ferdinand from Zvezda.

  • Premium Retractaway Review - SQUADRON SCALE WORKSHOP

    Review of our Premium Retractaway by Squadron Scale Workshop

  • Review Of Our Craft Range From Historex Agents

    In this five-minute video we look at their surgical-style scalpel handles & blades as well as their A.C.M range of dedicated hobby tools with a more familiar locking collar.

  • SCALPELS vs CRAFT KNIVES (choosing the best tool of the job)

    Design modelling tips from Jude Pullen featuring our No 11 Craft Knife Blade/Handle and from our surgical range the 10, 10A & 11 blades and our No.3 and 4 scalpels.

  • SM Hobby Knives & Scalpels - SCALE WAR MACHINES

    For a long time we used standard X-Acto type hobby knives but we found they tended to require constant blade changes - something that costs a lot of money in the long run.