Jewel Blade


Swann-Morton has a long history in the manufacture of Medium and Heavy duty hand tool blades and had a close association with Stanley Tools until the mid 1960's.

In 2003 the Parent company of Swann-Morton, W.R.Swann & Co, completed the acquisition of the Jewel Blade Company, located some 200 metres from their main site in Sheffield 6, who had been manufacturing Razor blades since the 1920's and then diversified into providing a wide range of standard and bespoke blades for various industrial applications.

After substantial investment in their production facility and the implementation of essential improvements in process and systems, Jewel Blade can proudly promote their extensive range of quality hand tool and machine tool blades as "Made in Sheffield".

The full range of Jewel products is available to Swann-Morton customers alongside our own traditional medium and heavy duty blades and can be sourced through your standard account with your usual purchases.

Please speak to your usual sales office contact or email them at for product and pricing information.

For further information please visit the Jewel Blade site.