The Supatool is a fixed heavy-duty cast metal handle particularly suitable for artwork, crafts and model making and the cutting edge requirements of the handy person and D.I.Y. enthusiast. The handle is opened with the aid of a screwdriver or small coin. There is a choice of 4 heavy-duty blades: S, T, V and W. The blades are available in boxes of 50, or boxed in packs of 5 (50-pack units).

Please be advised that this product will be obsoleted once all stocks are depleted along with the S,T,W & V Supatool Blades.

  • Handle only - sleeved

Spare Blades

Individually wrapped in V.P.I paper.

  • S - 50 blades

    Individually wrapped in V.P.I paper.

    Product Code: 1443