Heavy Duty

A heavy duty craft knife is larger and thicker than all the other types of knives. This allows it to be gripped firmly in palm of the hand to provide more purchase to the user when cutting through thicker materials such as cardboard, rubber, plastics and hardwood. They are more suited to larger projects than to smaller intricate tasks involving control and precision cutting. They are sometimes referred to as box cutters.

The ACM no.5 handle has a larger ergonomically designed handle for greater control when carving or sculpting in wood, plastic or foam and is often combined with a hooked blade such as the ACM 28. The heavy duty SM00 range of high visibility red fixed or retractable metal handles or alternatively the blue SM0R II PCABS version with easy blade fitting and removal used in heavy duty trimming applications within flooring, automotive and aerospace. The orange metal supatool handles and supatool blades provide another alternative in the heavy duty craft knife category.

Products With This Classification

  • ACM No. 2 Handle

  • ACM No. 5 Handle

  • ACM Set

  • Ergonomic No.5 Handle

  • Ergonomic No.6 Handle

  • SM0-R Handle

  • SM00 Handle

  • SMOR-II Trimming Knife

  • Stainless Steel Craft Tool

  • Supa-R

  • Supatool

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