Light Duty

A light duty craft knife is designed to assist with smaller cutting projects on soft or lightweight material which may include thin wood veneers used in Marquetry, paper for papercutting artists, balsa wood in Aeromodelling, polystyrene and sugar paste for sugar craft and for stencilling, scoring and fine etching.

The metal ACM No.1 handle combined with the 10, 11 or 16 ACM blades, the No.10a or 11 surgical blades on a metal No.3 surgical handle, the traditional plastic craft tool knife and blades and the flat plastic handled Trimaway disposable knife would all lend themselves to these activities. For a safety alternative try using the Retractaway Premium knife with your 10a and 11 surgical blades.

Products With This Classification

  • ACM No. 1 Handle

  • ACM Set

  • No.3 Handle sets

  • Plastic Craft Tool

  • Qlicksmart BladeFLASK

  • Retractaway Premium

  • Trimaway

If you would like more information on choosing the correct Craft Knife, please refer to our Craft Knives Buyers Guide for more information. Read more