Medium Duty

A medium duty craft knife would appear similar to the light weight knife but is usually slightly thicker to provide added strength and stability. They are designed for usage with medium density materials such thick papers, card, PVC and some pre cast plastic modelling kits.

The metal ACM No.2 Handle combined with the No.2 and No.22 ACM Blades would lend themselves to these activities. The ACM 18 blade is also good for smooth chiselling. The metal No.4 surgical handle with the larger 25a and 26 blades may be better for precise trimming and shaping applications. The Acrylic 5a and 6A handles combined with surgical blades for trimming applications in automotive, aerospace and electronics or alternatively the flat plastic handled Trimaway 01 disposable knife with its thicker blade.

Products With This Classification

  • ACM No. 2 Handle

  • ACM Set

  • Acrylic Craft Handle 5A

  • Acrylic Craft Handle 6A

  • No.4 Handle Sets

  • Retractaway Premium

  • Stainless Steel Craft Tool

If you would like more information on choosing the correct Craft Knife, please refer to our Craft Knives Buyers Guide for more information. Read more