Poppy Chancellor Paper-cutting

In a recent interview with the Sunday Telegraph, Paper cut artist and children's illustrator Poppy Chancellor admitted to being "an unruly child who only settled down when she was drawing." 

The 29-year-old daughter of actress Anna Chancellor, and performance poet Jock Scot had an unconventional upbringing in west London but now channels her creativity into her work as a papercut artist, hand-cutting intricate designs from a single sheet of paper. 

Her work has a contemporary feminist edge and a comic-book feel and she now works out of her studio in southeast London. Poppy confirms that Paper-cutting requires very few tools and materials but "quality" is key. 

Unless you want an engraved table she says you should invest in a good cutting mat - a self-healing mat will absorb any nicks. It should be at least A4 size to cover the workspace. 

A sharp art knife also helps. Poppy uses a surgical scalpel by Swann-Morton with a Number 3 handle and 10A blades. 

She always keeps spare blades nearby as she goes through one every two to three hours. 

Then of course you must have the paper and she aims for 150-170g as Card is tougher to cut through. 

Poppy runs numerous workshops and has been commissioned to create work for the likes of Adidas and Kath Kidston. 

More information is available on Poppy and her designs via www.poppyspapercuts.com, Twitter @PoppyChancellor and Instagram @poppyspapercuts

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