Christine Green - Paper Cut Artist and Teacher

Introducing Christine Green

Christine Green is a leading Paper Cut artist who is passionate about teaching this increasingly popular art form to others and loves her Swann-Morton scalpel which is an essential part of her kit. 

"I have been wielding Swann Morton handles and blades for many many years - as the daughter of two graphic designers we had these things around the house and I had the sharpest, pointiest pencils in class!! The one that I use most is one of my father's and must date back to the '60s and may be even earlier - it means a lot to me as he died and when I use it I like to think that he's watching me and hopefully approving of what I am doing." 

Christine explained her background in papercutting:

"I have been cutting paper for creative purposes for longer than I can calculate - my degree course included an animation of the song 'You're Adorable' which was all cut out letters, backgrounds and symbols, my first big job at the BBC was 'A song for Europe' and although it was technically CGI it was in the style of cut-outs. Fast forward some twenty-something years and I started cutting birthday cards and it has grown from there. I now have a range of cards, bags, prints and tea towels available from my online shop." 

As well as an accomplished paper artist, Christine also provides training courses for those interested in taking up the hobby:

"I also teach paper cutting at a variety of places including the WI's Denman College, HF (Holiday Fellowship) Holidays, Zantium Studios, Landmark Arts and Compton Verney." 

Christine's training skills are very much sought after and it doesn't get much bigger than working with the BBC at Blenheim Palace:

"This year will be my fourth at Art in Action - the biggest arts and crafts event in the country - I run 12 x 90 minute paper cutting taster sessions across 4 days. I am then attending the Oxford summer School running a three-day course and in August I have been invited to be part of the Craft in Action marque at the BBC Countryfile Live event at Blenheim Palace, where I shall be demonstrating paper cutting for the four days that the event runs." 

Catch one of Christine's talks:

"I give numerous talks about paper cutting references all manner of cut out items including Haitian metal work, Victorian fretwork, Mexican, Polish and Chinese paper cuts and current artists." 

BBC4 Make! Craft Britain

This year Christine was invited to lead a paper cutting workshop for BBC4's 'Make! Craft Britain' with lots of close-ups3 of scalpels gliding through paper which can still be viewed on the BBC I Player or via You Tube

Visit the website

Christine has her own website where you can find numerous images of her work.

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