Kirk Fanelly - Inlaid Paper Cutting

The Superior Choice

Having just one mediocre option for anything in life is depressing, so I was psyched to find Swann-Morton blades as an alternative to the X-Acto blades I had been using for inlaid paper cuts. 

It turned out that not only were they a viable alternative, but the superior choice. 

Efficient and Stable Blades

Here's why: from the start, the method of attaching the blade to the tool is more efficient and stable. It takes a little getting used to using pliers to attach and remove the blade (never use your fingers), but it's a far better system than twisting a threaded tooltip (which inevitably fails over time). Once you get the hang of it, it's literally a snap! 

Super Reliable!

Secondly, after 200 blades, I'm yet to have one tip break. I easily cut through a few sheets of paper at a time for a few hours a day without having to replace a blade. The blades are thin, strong and flexible. 

Built for Precision

In my work, it's not a matter of cutting down a drawn line (a pencil line is too thick), it's a matter of cutting on the edge of a line; Swann-Morton blades give you that precision. 

Need to shave off a millimeter or less? Not a problem. 

The blade that works best for me is the 10A along with the Acrylic Craft Handle. 

Find Your Perfect Blade

You can always order a small sample pack and find the right one for your needs before ordering in bulk. 

My only complaint is that Swann-Morton isn't more readily available in the U.S. Everyone should be using these instead of the competitors' product. 

Thanks again for making a superior cutting tool. 

Cheers, Kirk 

p.s. some of Kirk's work covers adult

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