Christopher Stokes - Body, Bones and Beautification

Christopher Stokes unveils his "Body, Bones and Beautification" collection this Summer with his central piece showing at New Designers 2010 - a set of collapsible wings spanning more than 2.5 metres and compiled of over 1400 individually coloured scalpel blades. 

In July, at New Designers, London, Christopher will exhibit two pieces from his degree collection based on the subject of body adaptation through medical procedure, demonstrating his craftmanship and specialist skill in metal and plastics. 

His main piece, "Desire" a wearable mechanical wing structure inspired by the use of surgery to beautify the human body, will be on display alongside "Brace" a neckpiece and cuffs constructed from hypodermic needles and Swarovski crystals. 

Christopher's specialism in plastic and metal lends itself well to the development of his medical-themed work, with a large percentage of medical equipment made solely from one or both of these materials, it has allowed him to utilise existing apparatus within his pieces. 

Although attempting to aesthetically ameliorate the body, he says:

 "I wanted to create a sense of sterility to the pieces to contrast with the organic form of the human body." 

Having developed the work as a reaction to the way medicine can alter the body's form and function, he has chosen to focus on specific causes of these adaptations, from the environmental implications on the body to the accidental damage affecting its growth and repair. 

See his blog here.

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