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For more than 70 years, Cincinnati Surgical has been an industry leader in providing cutting edge surgical products such as specialty surgical blades, handles, scalpels, suture needles, and post mortem staplers to the US medical market. We also offer precision cutting industrial blades, utility knives, as well as arts & crafts blades, knives, or handles which meet the demands of many light industrial applications and DIY enthusiasts. An exceptional commitment to quality products and customer service is what sets Cincinnati Surgical apart from the competition.

The "CS Arts and Crafts" line of craft knives, handles and kits provide precision cutting performance on a wide range of materials. Our Arts & Crafts products were perfected with both the amateur or professional craftsman or artist in mind.

The "CS Industrial" line of top quality industrial products includes industrial-strength blades and handles made from top-quality Sheffield steel. Our products can be used in both industrial and commercial applications.