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James Hatch at Scale Plastic & Rail recently reviewed 3 products from the Swann-Morton craft and modelling portfolio, these being the ACM set, Retractaway knife and the Supa-R Retractable knife. 

Scale Plastic & Rail is a review based site, bringing new reviews on products pertaining to the modeller. 

James said:

"I have been lucky enough to use Swann-Morton products for around 35 years and find them to be exemplary". 

He perceived this to be an opportunity not only to place our regular products such as blades in front of their readers but also to present any hobby specific sets included in our expanding range. 

James attached some examples of his own work, a glowing example of which can be seen below, on which all the cutting work had been done using Swann-Morton products. 

He said 

"I am now using the Retractaway however my regular tool was a standard No.3 handle before this". 

The full product reviews are now available on the Scale Plastic & Rail web site: 

ACM Set Review -

The ACM set received a 9/10 rating: 

"This is a great set for both the regular scalpel user, and so also tempt users of other manufacturers over to try the quality of Swann-Morton. At under £17 too, this represents amazing value for money and will keep you going for a while before you need to consider replacement blades." 

Retractaway Review -

The Retractaway received a 10/10 rating: 

"This is now a tool I simply cant work without and is the workhorse of my hobby. For the low price and quality, you really cant go wrong. Very highly recommended." 

Supa-R Review -

The Supa-R received a 9/10 rating: 

"Being a model shipwright as well as a plastic modeller, I feel that this is ideal for the ships part of my hobby with heavy timbers to cut through. It still can be used for many other hobbies, and I quite like this addition to the Swann-Morton range. Highly recommended."

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