10 Crafting Ideas for Adults Using Craft Knives: Episode 1

Adult crafting ideas are enjoying something of a renaissance post lockdown, with all manner of brilliant ideas being showcased from craft bloggers across the web. 

A quick Google search provides us with 25 ideas from Listotic, 19 from Good House Keeping and 47 from CrafyHacks. Many of these are roundup style articles and some really wonderful work is showcased and linked to. 

One thing that struck us though was the lack of ideas using craft knives. In most of the extended tutorials, equipment ranged from glues to string, soap to scissors, drills to sewing machines  – but no craft knives.

So we thought we would even up the balance a little and find some craft ideas you can try that, at the same time, introduce you to the wonderful world of crafting with knives. 

And if you were thinking Craft Knives might be hard to get or expensive – they aren’t. They retail from just a few pounds and can last a lifetime if looked after correctly. 

As manufacturers, Swann-Morton doesn’t sell online but you can find our products on Amazon, ETSY and specialist Craft sites such as Graphics Direct and ArtDiscount. 

Have fun!

1. Polymer Clay Miniature Food by Lynn Allingham

Image Credit: Hobbies & Crafts - https://www.hobbies-and-crafts.co.uk/how-to-dolls-houses/miniature-bagels-tutorial-using-polymer-clay/

Miniatures are a popular area for crafters and we love the work of Lynn Allingham & her ‘Making Mini Food’ featuring 30 polymer clay food miniatures. The only problem being, this craft idea might make you feel a bit hungry!

You can read the full tutorial over at Hobbies & Crafts here

2. Pop-out Swing Card by Sylva Ames

Image Credit: Paper Mills Direct

Greeting cards never looked so good in this wonderful showcase by Sylvia Ames over at Paper Mills Direct. This tutorial walks you through the entire process and we love the end result!

3. Paper Feathers by Lex at What The Craft

Image Credit: What The Craft https://whatthecraft.com

We loved the brightness of the feathers and this is a relatively easy tutorial to follow that produces a great end result. Works beautifully in bedrooms and kitchens – grab the tutorial here

4. Spooky Halloween Knife Block Cut-Outs by Scott Bedford

Image Credit: Make Fun Creating https://makefuncreating.com

If you are planning an upcoming Halloween event and thinking about serving some food, why not get your knife block in on the act and create these brilliant cutouts. I think we have all been wowed by creative Halloween decorations but this one is a first for us. Enjoy making this and give your friends a laugh in the process.

5. Cupcake Bath Bombs by Michelle Ordever

Image Credit: The Purple Pumpkin Blog https://www.thepurplepumpkinblog.co.uk

Staying on the Halloween theme we have these brilliant Bath Bombs by Michelle Ordever. The tutorial is comprehensive and comes complete with downloadable templates for the horns. Grab it here.

6. Rolled Beeswax Candles by Chloe Mullaney

Image Credit: Chloe Mullaney https://chloemullaney.com

These are super cool and did you know clean the air as they burn? They look wonderful and a real talking point for friends and family. It’s an easy tutorial to follow but you might get a bit sticky with this one!

7. Popsicle Stick Jewellery by Sum of Their Stories

Image Credit: Sum of their Stories https://www.sumoftheirstories.com

What a brilliant bit of upcycling! Basic lollipop sticks transform into fashion accessories using this innovative tutorial from Julie at Sum of their Stories. The best bit is you get to eat some of your favourite lollies before you start!

Grab the tutorial here. You can also visit Julie’s shop on ETSY.

8. Clay Flower Ring Dishes by Hobbycraft

Image Credit: Hobbycraft https://www.hobbycraft.co.uk

Never lose a ring again! Losing jewellery around the home happens all the time and these little flowers will help keep your favourite rings from falling down the back of the bed or your bedroom furniture. The end result is beautiful and will be well received as a gift too.

Crafting using clay often requires a knife and this tutorial on Hobbycraft is a simple one to get started. 

9. Freezer Paper Stencilling by Megan Nielsen

Image Credit: Megan Nielsen Patterns https://blog.megannielsen.com

If you have some t-shirts that maybe have taken a bit of a battering (especially the kids) – why not try stencilling new life into them? This tutorial uses freezer paper, a craft knife and some paint to create some fun ideas that the kids will love wearing and will breathe new life into the kid's wardrobe and save money in the process. 

The tutorial is simple to follow and you can get it here.

10. Designer Bee Hotel by Friends of the Earth

Image Credit: Friends of the Earth https://friendsoftheearth.uk

If you are feeling creative and want to help nature out too, why not create a designer bee hotel? Using a simple plastic bottle and some cane, you can create a lovely home for our garden bees who remain under serious threat from a huge reduction in their natural habitat. Bees are a vital part of the ecosystem so this is both a fun activity and an important contribution you can make whilst having fun.

Send in your tutorials!!

Ok, that’s a few to get you started. A bit of balance was restored to the world of creative crafting in the process. 

Of course, serious crafters use craft knives daily, and should you get the bug from trying any of the above ideas, we would encourage you to keep going and develop your skills further. We have lots of useful resources and you never know, you could be the next Willard Wigan or Poppy Chancellor.

Do you feature craft tutorials on your website that use craft knives? If you do, please send us some of your work and we will feature you in the articles section of our website.

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