Textiles and Surface Design user - Claudette Cooling

Introducing Claudette Cooling

I've always used Swann-Morton products and it was an honour to learn I'd been sponsored by such a prestigious company for my final major project of my degree. 

I'm a Textiles and Surface Design graduate from Cleveland College of Art and Design and have been using a range of Swann-Morton products within my work. 

The fusion of sleek, clean-cut buildings meets the organic in-depth nature of natural crystals and stones was the initial inspiration for my work. The glimmering, glistening and encrusted nature of gemstones and crystals combined with close up architectural studies which could almost look quite geometric, is an idea I've really explored. 

My work has taken a turn towards a more art deco inspired style, in terms of creating attention-grabbing, stylised designs creating that "all eyes on you" feeling. 

The idea of sleek, clean-cut precision is something I've also been able to explore in both paper and fabric. The combination of geometric and precision qualities has really founded the basis for my embroidered fashion fabric designs.

Cutting into leather and other fabrics to create more intense geometric shapes is definitely going to be a prominent feature within parts of my work. 

From presenting work to experimenting and exploring cutting fabrics, the products I've received have been invaluable. To find out more about the progress of my last few months of my final major project at university or to see more of my work visit my blog

June 2013 update: 

The CCAD, BA (HONS) Textiles and Surface Design Degree Show was held in June 2013 and the photos show some of my final collection of designs. 

August 2015 update: 

I have now completed my degree, I graduated in 2013 with a First Class Honours Degree in Textiles and Surface Design. Since then I have completed a PGCE (PCET) qualification and am in the process of setting up my own accessories business, The Cool Line. 

The Cool Line



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