Jimmy Brunt - Papercut Artist

About Jimmy Brunt

Jimmy Brunt is an artist specialising in incredibly detailed papercuts. 

His work is the result of the painstaking hand cutting of delicate papers. These intricate works are either sold in the original handcut form or developed as limited edition laser cuts, utilising cutting-edge technology to replicate the original artwork in a fraction of the time. 

The originals are cut, by hand, with Swann-Morton knives and blades. 

Fifteen years cutting stencils, and trying numerous knives, Jimmy has, for a number of years, settled on handle number 3, with blade number 11, for his work. 

The quality is second-to-none with these products. I love the ease of use of the handle, and the quality, and weight of the knife. It lets me more easily control each individual cut, and combined with blades number 11, I definitely feel I achieve a greater quality of finish. Moreover, I get far fewer blades snapping with Swann Morton, if any, as the grade of steel is so high.

Jimmy was born in 1977 in Bath, England and he has an art history background. 

However, Jimmy has no formal applied art training. A self-taught artist with a background in street art, he has, over the last 15 years, taken the simple street graffiti stencil to another, incredibly intricate level. 

Unlike other paper-cut artists, who are folklore-inspired, Jimmy's cut-outs are unique in that they focus on a sense of architectural place. 

Famous landmarks and buildings are the subject of his work, and they are cut with geometric precision, very different from his contemporaries. 

Jimmy's intricate and beguiling paper cuts have acquired a large public and occasional celebrity following, and are now in private collections all over the world. 

Jimmy lives and works in Limousin, France, with his wife, three young children, and three cats. 

The family relocated here in 2011, after having lived on the North Wales coast for a number of years and like most ex-pats, are busying renovating their crumbling old house.......

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