Sven Jansen // Sevenmine Illustration // Animation // Papercraft

I first started working with Swann-Morton blades in my studies to become a histological analyst. 

After my graduation in 2004, I started working on the department of Pathology, handling the Swann-Morton no. 22 knives on a daily basis. 

In 2008 I made a big change and entered an art-school course to become an Illustrator. Not having any background in arts I was really surprised I got in. 

Two years in I found my passion for paper and cardboard as a material to explore the boundaries of Illustration. Still having good connections with the world of Pathology, I received a box with 100 No.22 Swann-Morton blades from my former boss. 

Since that moment on I haven't changed a thing. In 2011 I graduated with honours and started my company Sevenmine. 

With paper and cardboard as my trusted partners I specialized myself in Illustration and Stop-Motion animation. 

This series of paper cut-outs started as an exercise, searching for the limits of my own patience and concentration, as well as the possibilities of the material. 

The subjects of these cut-outs are object with absolutely no connection to my personal life. But their complex structure makes them ideal for cut-outs. 

Hence the title "Cut the bullsh*t". 

In my work I haven't changed my long-lasting relation with the No 22. I still use it as my first choice blade. 

The roundness of the blade gives me a lot of different opportunities while cutting. I use up the entire blade. Because it had such a big sharp area I'm able to make long cuts without lifting the blade from the paper. 

I have a No.11 close by at all time, but barely use it. 

I live and work in Utrecht, The Netherlands where I work with different clients creating pieces ranging from posters and prints to nationwide commercials.

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