CAMS 28th Annual Spring Classic Scale Model Show

About The Show

Scott Millican recently contacted Swann-Morton about supporting the Capital Area Modellers Society 28th Annual Spring Classic scale model show to be held on the 28th May in New Brunswick, Canada. 

The show is the largest and longest-running model event east of Montreal and features some of the finest models from Eastern Canada, Quebec and Maine. 

There will be something for everyone no matter if your tastes are military, ships, aircraft, cars or even science fiction. The special themes at this years show include: 

The Sensational Sixties: 

During the 1960's a new automotive design competition began, this time for power, speed and sheer engine size. Vents appeared and force fed air to giant Vis. Raw power inspired styling changes to suit the cars potency. Muscular shapes, twin exhausts and go-faster stripes were all the rage. 

Hot Wars of the Sixties: 

In spite of being the height of the Cold war, the 1960's was also a decade that experienced numerous Hot War conflicts. Three such wars between nations were fought in the 60's: the Vietnam war, the second Kashmir war and the Arab-Israeli six day war. 

Other model categories include: Military, Aircraft, Ship, Sci-Fi, Diorama, Figures, Automotive, Junior, Intermediate and Canadiana.

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