Turn to Stone

On a recent visit to the St. Andrews Museum in Fife, Scotland an eagle-eyed Swann-Morton enthusiast spotted a scalpel amongst the exhibits. The museum tells the story of the historic city of St Andrews from early mediaeval times, through the centuries and the Victorian era to the present day. There is also a lively series of temporary exhibitions and a regular program of talks, concerts and childrens workshops.

The Conservation of the surface and structure of the Kilduncan Stone, on show at the museum, was carried out in 2003 by Graciela Ainsworth using, amongst other tool, a Swann-Morton Scalpel blade ! The 1300-year-old gravestone belongs to a forgotten Scottish saint called Donnchad, or Dunnichen.

It is believed he was a saint from Iona who was so revered that a church was built in his honour by native Pictish tribes in the eighth century AD.

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