Modelling Down Under

Adam Norenberg contacted us back in February and is a writer for the Osprey Modelling Blog and the Associated Modelling News site

He had just moved to Australia and after being away for 12 years was pretty dismayed at the state of the hobby business over there and was struggling to locate our "excellent modelling accessories of swiss replica watches".

He was particularly after the Retractaway knife which he stated "I use for everything I model" and "I cannot be without it." He also wanted a small blade with a round tip so probably the No.10 would have been the perfect solution although the Retractaway can also be used with the 10A, 11, 15, 15A, 15C, 15T blades.

We pointed Adam in the direction of Hobby Tools who stock a wide range of Swann-Morton blades and handles for the Modelling community down under.