Swann-Morton Sponsor Singapore Airfix Competition

The Annual Airfix Competition was held from 25 - 27th June 2015 in Singapore and was again supported by Swann-Morton who supplied a number of knives as prizes.

There were 62 competition entries (plus 10 entries for exhibition only) in this year's competition with the biggest gain being in the Inter-School (under age 17) category. There were 20 entries competing for 17 prizes, the first time in a long while that there has been more entries than prizes. Irrespective the organisers made sure everyone got a prize.

There were 25 entries in Senior class which again indicated that more new modellers had entered. The biggest decrease was seen in the "Master class" section where entries were almost 50% down.Part of the reason was due to the Tamiya competition which had been held in March 2015 and had absorbed their energy as it can take around 16 to 24 months to build a model for this section of the event. However the standards of the entries continued to improve.

The competition had a much higher profile than usual with publicity in the main newspapers such as "The Straits Times" who sent a reporter to cover our competition and are considering a follow up article.