Marquetry & Woodworking

Marquetry is the art and craft of applying fine pieces of veneer, usually oak or maple, to a structure to form decorative patterns, designs or pictures. The technique may be applied to case furniture or even seat furniture, to decorative small objects with smooth, veneer-able surfaces or to freestanding pictorial panels appreciated in their own right. A blade with a sharp tip (10a, 11 or ACM 11) is best used as it is the point of the blade which is used to cut not the long edge of the blade. The ability to cut accurately is no doubt the most important skill for marquetry. More information is available through "The Marquetry Society" at

Parquetry is a technique very similar to marquetry that utilizes pieces of veneer in simple repeating geometric shapes to form tiled patterns which would cover a floor (parquet), or for forming basket weave or brickwork patterns, trelliswork, etc.

Blades such as the chisel like ACM 18 can be used in other areas of woodworking for shaping and smoothing. The Cygnetic range with its thicker blades can be used to when working with harder woods such as Mahogany.

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