Marquetry & Woodworking

Marquetry is the art and craft of applying fine pieces of veneer, usually oak or maple, to a structure to form decorative patterns, designs or pictures. The technique may be applied to case furniture or even seat furniture, to decorative small objects with smooth, veneer-able surfaces or to freestanding pictorial panels appreciated in their own right. A blade with a sharp tip (10a, 11 or ACM 11) is best used as it is the point of the blade which is used to cut not the long edge of the blade. The ability to cut accurately is no doubt the most important skill for marquetry. More information is available through "The Marquetry Society" at

Parquetry is a technique very similar to marquetry that utilizes pieces of veneer in simple repeating geometric shapes to form tiled patterns which would cover a floor (parquet), or for forming basket weave or brickwork patterns, trelliswork, etc.

Blades such as the chisel like ACM 18 can be used in other areas of woodworking for shaping and smoothing. The Cygnetic range with its thicker blades can be used to when working with harder woods such as Mahogany.

Products In This Market

  • ACM No. 5 Handle

    ACM No.5 Handle Set complete with 1 x No.28 Blade and Guard sealed in an attractive point of sale clam pack.

  • ACM Set

    The ACM Boxed Set is a comprehensive set of 13 precision ground carbon steel blades, together with 3 handles.

  • Acrylic Craft Handle 5A

    Especially for the Craft Professional and enthusiast, Swann-Morton has produced the 5A acrylic handle combined with a stainless steel bayonet fitting to provide the craft user with a firmer grip and more lateral strength and stability when cutting. The handle is compatible with the standard No.3 range of surgical blades

  • No.4 Handle Sets

    The Professional Range of blades and handles are produced with Craft 'Professionals' and enthusiasts in mind.

  • Qlicksmart BladeFLASK

    Qlicksmart BladeFLASK provides a simply safer way to remove a surgical / craft blade from a No.3 and No.4 handle and store it safely until disposal.

  • SMOR-II Trimming Knife

    With PCABS handle that features a forward position to assist with easy blade fitment and removal.

  • Stainless Steel Craft Tool

    The Swann-Morton Stainless Steel Craft Tool Handle , combining durability with ergonomic design and incorporating a trade mark ring pattern finger grip are now in stock.

  • Supa-R

    The Supa-R is a heavy duty cast metal handle particularly suitable for artwork, crafts and model making.

  • Supatool

    The Supatool is a fixed heavy-duty cast metal handle particularly suitable for artwork, crafts and model making.

  • Trimaway 01

    Trimaway 01 The Trimaway 01 is a heavy-duty version of the standard Trimaway.

Craft Knife Classifications

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Light Duty Applications

A light duty craft knife is designed to assist with smaller cutting projects on soft or lightweight material.
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Medium Duty Applications

A medium duty craft knife would appear similar to the light weight knife but is usually slightly thicker to provide added strength and stability.
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Heavy Duty Applications

A heavy duty craft knife is larger and thicker than all the other types of knives.
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