Model Making

Swann-Morton knives have become an essential tool for scale modellers both for bespoke builds and plastic model kits from the likes of Airfix, Tamiya and Frog which include step by step instructions. They are also used for in cutting and shaping softer materials such as Balsa wood. In fact model making is spread across a number of specialities and interests including Radio Controlled Cars, Aircraft, Railway ,Helicopters, Drones, Scale Modelling Aircraft, Military Subjects, Cars, Ships, Bikes and even Sci-Fi.

Products In This Market

  • ACM No. 1 Handle

  • ACM No. 2 Handle

  • ACM Set

  • Ergonomic No.5 Handle

  • No.3 Handle sets

  • No.4 Handle Sets

  • Qlicksmart BladeFLASK

  • Stainless Steel Craft Tool

  • Supa-R

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