Sugar Craft

Sugar Craft is "the art of creating confectionery or cake decorations from sugar paste" and "three-dimensional cake decorating". It has been popular in the UK and USA for many years however there has been a surge in popularity in this creative art form with the increase in baking, cooking and cake making programs on TV. It covers a huge variety of styles, and includes characters and models made from sugar paste, fondant, icing and marzipan as well as amazingly lifelike and botanically correct flowers form flower paste. Fondant is usually used to cover a cake – and can be bought pre-coloured, or can be coloured to exactly the right shade, usually using colour pastes. You can also use dusts in various colours to "paint" or brush colour onto your finished work. Swann-Morton knives are used for cutting moulds used in creating the cake design and also for cutting and shaping the fondant itself.

Products In This Market

  • ACM No. 1 Handle

  • ACM Set

  • Qlicksmart BladeFLASK

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