Sugar Craft

Sugarcraft is "the art of creating confectionery or cake decorations from sugar paste" and "three-dimensional cake decorating". It has been popular in the UK and USA for many years however there has been a surge in popularity in this art form with the increase in baking, cooking and cake making programs on TV. It covers a huge variety of styles, and includes characters and models made from sugarpaste or fondant, to amazingly lifelike and botanically correct flowers. Fondant is usually used to cover a cake – and can be bought pre-coloured, or can be coloured to exactly the right shade, usually using colour pastes. You can also use dusts in various colours to "paint" or brush colour onto your finished work. Swann-Morton knives are used for cutting moulds used in creating the cake design and also for cutting and shaping the fondant itself.

Products In This Market

  • ACM No. 1 Handle

    ACM No.1 Handle Set complete with 1 x No.11 Blade and Guard sealed in an attractive point of sale clam pack.

  • ACM Set

    The ACM Boxed Set is a comprehensive set of 13 precision ground carbon steel blades, together with 3 handles.

Craft Knife Classifications

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Light Duty Applications

A light duty craft knife is designed to assist with smaller cutting projects on soft or lightweight material.
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Medium Duty Applications

A medium duty craft knife would appear similar to the light weight knife but is usually slightly thicker to provide added strength and stability.
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Heavy Duty Applications

A heavy duty craft knife is larger and thicker than all the other types of knives.
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