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Just coming back to marquetry after many years and want to gt the right knife handle and blades for cutting thin marquetry veneers. Can you advise please?

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CAMS 28th Annual Spring Classic Scale Model Show

Scott Millican recently contacted Swann-Morton about supporting the Capital Area Modellers Society 28th Annual Spring Classic scale model show to be held on the 28th May in New Brunswick, Canada. The show is the largest and longest running model event east of Montreal and features some of the finest models from Eastern Canada, Quebec and Maine. There will be something for everyone no matter if your tastes are military, ships, aircraft, cars or even science fiction.

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DetailScaleView review of Swann-Morton Retractaway Premium Blue

New knife from Swann-Morton. DetailScaleView review of Swann-Morton Retractaway Premium Blue by Mullin Viktor.

Those of you who read build projects might have noticed that I usually use retracting knife from Swann-Morton. This can be explained with several reasons. First, this is a high-quality knife with excellent build quality. Second, it is a tool easy to work with, which comes handy in different situations. Nevertheless, time flies, and manufacturer decided to upgrade this knife.

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Update on Textiles and Surface Design user - Claudette Cooling

I've always used Swann-Morton products and it was an honour to learn I'd been sponsored by such a prestigious company for my final major project of my degree. I have now completed my degree, I graduated in 2013 with a First Class Honours Degree in Textiles and Surface Design. Since then I have completed a PGCE (PCET) qualification and am in the process of setting up my own accessories business, The Cool Line.

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Sven Jansen // Sevenmine Illustration // Animation // Papercraft

I first started working with Swann-Morton blades in my studies to become a histological analyst. After my graduation in 2004, I started working on the department of Pathology, handling the Swann-Morton no. 22 knives on a daily basis. In 2008 I made a big change and entered an art-school course to become an Illustrator. Not having any background in arts I was really surprised I got in. Two years in I found my passion for paper and cardboard as a material to explore the boundaries of Illustration.

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Jimmy Brunt - Papercut Artist

Jimmy Brunt is an artist specialising in incredibly detailed papercuts. His work is the result of the painstaking hand cutting of delicate papers. These intricate works are either sold in the original handcut form or developed as limited edition laser cuts, utilising cutting-edge technology to replicate the original artwork in a fraction of the time.

The originals are cut, by hand, with Swann-Morton knives and blades. Fifteen years cutting stencils, and trying numerous knives, Jimmy has, for a number of years, settled on handle number 3, with blade number 11, for his work.

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Clare Lindley - Papercut Artist

I'm a papercut artist based in Yorkshire and have always used Swann Morton scalpels to do my work. The work I do is mainly done in black and white though I've started to add coloured layers recently. My work is very detailed so a good knife is definitely needed! I exhibit my work and do workshops.

Clare's website

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80 years embodied in a Model.

In celebration of their 80th Anniversary in July 2012 Swann-Morton commissioned local Rotherham architectural Modeller Martyn Barnsley to construct a scale model of Penn Works.

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Scale Plastic & Rail Reviews

James Hatch at Scale Plastic & Rail recently reviewed 3 products from the Swann-Morton craft and modelling portfolio, these being the ACM set, Retract away knife and the Supa-R Retractable knife.

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